This Thursday, June 17, is National Dump the Pump Day, when everyone who isn’t traveling by bike is encouraged to ride public transportation instead of driving.

FABB supports public transportation as part of multimodal transportation solutions that include riding and walking. Public transportation is a safe and potentially economical way to get around for commuting, school, shopping, and errands. Our local public transportation system of buses and Metro trains is coming out of the pandemic with goals to improve service and lower costs. That makes it a great time to show Metro officials that their efforts to make the system more affordable and reliable will be rewarded.

With gas prices getting higher with the start of the summer drive season, National Dump the Pump Day is a good opportunity to try public transportation as an alternative to driving to save money and wear and tear on our cars, which we still need.

If distance has been an obstacle to trying bike commuting, FABB suggests combining a ride and public transportation to get where you need to go.

If you try public transportation, you will be helping to reduce pollution and road congestion and may even find yourself enjoying your commute and travel.

If you haven’t been on public transportation recently, use National Dump the Pump Day to give it a try.

Interested in multimodal transportation? Join FABB and help us make bicycling better in Fairfax County as part of the solution.


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