People for Bikes have set up an easy way to send a message to Congress to show your support for funding for better bicycle infrastructure and incentives that make bicycling easier and more affordable in the budget reconciliation bill.

Visit their website here and tell Congress that you care deeply about bicycling, safety, and the climate. The message asks your representatives to:

  1. cosponsor the E-BIKE Act (H.R. 1019), which would establish a 30% refundable consumer tax credit (up to $1,500) on the purchase of qualifying new electric bicycles;
  2. cosponsor the Bicycle Commuter Act (H.R. 384), which would establish a pre-tax benefit for riding a bike to work of $81/month, including bike share and electric bicycle costs;
  3. cosponsor the Connecting America’s Active Transportation System Act (H.R. 2991) to show your support for funding this critical program to build and connect quality bike networks nationwide; and
  4. support an increase in funding for the Recreational Trails Program to $147 billion per year, as approved in the INVEST Act.

Negotiations are ongoing to determine the budget reconciliation bill’s final shape. Congress needs to hear from us that biking should be a priority for transportation spending.

Don’t wait. Please visit the People for Bikes site now and Speak Up! for better bicycling across the United States.


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