• Help FABB build a “new normal” in transportation that features bicycling
  • Your gift to our annual appeal will help us create a better bicycling tomorrow.

The current health crisis has reduced motor vehicle traffic across our region and given us all a foretaste of how much nicer our streets, cleaner our air, and more vibrant local shopping and eating districts might be if Fairfax County became more bicycle-friendly.

The past year also has witnessed a boom in bicycling as a great means of transportation and recreation during a public health emergency. The boom, in turn, has raised awareness of the requirement to accommodate our communities’ changing needs for work, school, and other travel in the pandemic’s aftermath and an anticipated “new normal” in transportation.

Despite the pandemic, FABB has worked hard to prepare for these changing needs. We collaborate closely with government and others to adapt transportation and recreation options to address the health, safety, and economic challenges created by the pandemic and to advance existing plans to increase active transportation options.

But, to continue making progress, we need you to join us in making our collective voices heard. With our dedicated volunteers, every dollar donated goes a long way towards making bicycling a safe and viable transportation and recreation option for everyone in Fairfax County.

Won’t you please help FABB make bicycling better in 2021 by making a donation today?

You can make your tax-deductible gift to FABB online or by sending a check payable to “FABB” to FABB, P.O. Box 3752, Reston, VA 20195.

As always, thank you for your support.


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