Bike Falls Church (BFC) is looking to encourage more people to use bicycles or other “micromobility” options to get around the city with its first Bike (and Walk) Everywhere Weekend on May 19-21.

BFC is a community organization focused on safer streets, bike infrastructure, and sustainability. They are using the weekend to raise awareness of all road users of the benefits of biking and walking.

The weekend kicks off with Bike to Work and School Day on Friday, followed by Bike to the Market and Library on Saturday, and Bike to Worship on Sunday.

BFC also is encouraging Bike to Local Businesses all weekend. In addition to preparing a low stress map route around Falls Church, they’ve arranged for some business to provide discounts or free yoga lessons when you present the map.

BFC asks that, if you’re out on bike or on foot, please stay safe and consider planning your route in advance. And, if you’re out driving, watch for riders and walkers!




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