Earlier this week the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved the FY 2020–2025 Fairfax County Transportation Priorities Plan (TPP). The six-year plan directs county priorities for transportation projects and provides a current funding estimate for transportation capital projects of $3.036 billion through 2025. $219.5 million, or roughly seven percent of the total amount, has been dedicated to specific bicycle and pedestrian projects. New bike facilities also will be part of most road widening projects, the cost of which is not reflected in the dedicated total.

Among the bicycle projects in the plan are new facilities or improvements for Routes 28 and 29, Shirley Gate Road, Old Court House Road, Van Dorn Street, and Westmoreland Street. Other priority projects are enhanced bicycle connectivity at the Vienna Metro Station as well as bike parking and improved access at the Franconia-Springfield Metro/VRE Station. The plan also includes wayfinding signs for the Fairfax and Franconia-Springfield Parkways. Numerous new and improved walkways are part of the plan.

A number of bike/ped projects did not make the priority list but remain as potential future programs. These include bike parking at Hunter Valley Drive and walkway projects around the county.

You can find the full TPP and specific information on the projects, including those not recommended for inclusion on the list, here.


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