Since FABB’s founding in 2005, volunteers have been critical to our success in making bicycling better in Fairfax County.

FABB always has volunteer opportunities to offer that should appeal to a range of member interests and skills.

Social Rides. Social rides—that is, socially-distanced rides—focus on education and encouragement. With the recent boom in bike sales, more people are discovering the joy of biking, and more people are turning to bikes as a good way to commute. FABB would like to do more to help new riders by helping plan routes, sharing area-specific advice on commuting and recreational riding, and leading social rides, but we need more volunteers for the effort.

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Tour de Mount Vernon. The fifth annual Tour of the Mount Vernon is scheduled for Saturday, October 3, 2020, and FABB is proud to be one of the sponsors. This year will require even more preparation to keep participants safe and to make the ride as enjoyable as possible. We need volunteers for the day of event to register, distribute giveaways, and support riders at pit stops along the route.

Get Involved with TdMV Today. You can register for the event ($25 fee) or volunteer to help here.

Outreach. FABB is committed to making bicycling better for everyone. We engage with the public on a wide range of transportation issues that affect health, the environment, and even the economy. Throughout the year FABB has multiple opportunities to increase public awareness about bicycling in Fairfax County and build support for better bicycling opportunities. In addition to multiple Bike Month events in May, we attend Fairfax County’s Springfest, local health and wellness fairs, and other transportation-related events. We always need volunteers who enjoy talking to people about the benefits of bicycling.

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Advocacy. The pandemic has not stopped government transportation projects and planning. Every month there are virtual online meetings to receive public input. FABB tries to ensure that bicyclists are represented and that bicycling infrastructure and safety receive the consideration they deserve. To cover our large county, FABB needs more volunteers to help with our advocacy efforts. We can provide the basic training and help volunteers increase their skills and connections to other bike advocates as they support our collaboration with other organizations and government officials.

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Communications. FABB does its best to spread a pro-bicycling message and generate support for our advocacy efforts. We need volunteers to help us get out the word on opportunities to make bicycling better in our region. If you like social media, we can match your interests and skills to our needs on social media, our website, and with local media outlets.

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Even the smallest contribution of your time and efforts will go a long way toward helping us achieve our goal of making bicycling better in Fairfax County. Please help us keep up the momentum and volunteer by contacting FABB at [email protected].


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