• Let your delegate and senator know that you support better bicycling initiatives for the commonwealth.

The 2023 Virginia General Assembly session is underway and our friends at the Virginia Bicycle Federation are keeping close track of developments.

VBF points out that 2023 is not a budget year, this year’s session will be short with lawmaking focused on this fall’s election. In addition, the chambers are divided with the House of Delegates controlled by the Republicans and the Senate by the Democrats.

VBF’s primary legislative focus is improving laws for bicyclists at intersections, both at stop signs (the Safety Stop, which allows riders to treat stop signs as yields) and at signalized intersections (bicyclists to proceed on walk signals, including leading pedestrian intervals (LPIs)). Other federation initiatives include legislation for e-bike rebates, riding two abreast, and updated the 2011 State Bike Plan and 2004 Complete Streets policy. Other important items include dedicated trails and bike/ped funding, a Vision Zero resolution, changes to Virginia’s comparative negligence laws, and expanded automated speed enforcement.

For more details, watch the VBF legislative preview webinar on the group’s YouTube Channel.

Check out VBF’s Bill Watcher to keep track of these initiatives progress.

Don’t wait. Send a note to your delegate and senator now and ask them to support these initiatives.

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