• Use Commuter Survey to express your preferences for biking as part of post-pandemic multimodal transportation development.
  • Survey closes on 31 March, so Act Now!

We know there have been lots of transportation-related surveys this season, but these are quick and easy ways to Speak Up! and let local and state government know that you support the creation of a more robust multimodal transportation system that features bicycling.

So, FABB is again asking everyone to spend a few minutes to take the Phase 3 Virginia Commuter Survey. This truly is an important effort by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) in partnership with the Department of Rail and Public Transportation to collect data associated with travel to and from work in response to COVID-19 in Virginia. We applaud this governmental effort to understand how commutes are changing and to identify opportunities to improve commuting during and after the pandemic. If you are a Virginia resident who travels regularly between home and work or who works from home, this survey is a great opening to let VDOT know about your preferences for commuting.

We admit that we missed the first two phases of this survey project last summer and fall. The results were interesting and can be found at this VDOT site.

This survey will close this Wednesday, 31 March, so please don’t hesitate and take the Phase 3 Virginia Commuter Survey now!


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