FABB would like to thank everyone who raised their voices in support of keeping the planned minor trails through Huntley Meadows park. Although the planning commission and Board of Supervisors decided to remove the planned trails, your efforts gave them a renewed awareness of the needs of the walking and biking community.

We were pleased that Lee District Supervisor Jeffrey C. McKay responded to our concerns directly and that Lee District Planning Commissioner James Migliaccio stated at the vote that “while this process is not perfect, it has allowed a spirited debate on this topic.” As the commissioner pointed out, there were multiple public hearings held and no less than 80 individual comments were received by the Planning along with hundreds of petitions for and against removal of the trails.

The Commissioners created a follow-on recommendation to the Board of Supervisors to immediately start bringing stakeholders together to identify connectivity alternatives to the subject trails found in these two plan amendments in advance of the countywide trails and bicycle master plan update. FABB will be working with the county to ensure that environmentally-sound, convenient, and efficient new trails are added to the updates.

Through your participation, we have raised awareness of process and infrastructure improvement needs, contributing once again to making bicycling better in Fairfax County.

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