It’s an election year and early voting has started in Fairfax County! This is a crucial time for all citizens, especially for those passionate about creating a more bicycle-friendly community.

Locally, the ballot includes all Fairfax County Board of Supervisors members and chair. These officials profoundly impact our communities, lives, safety, and the environment.

A non-partisan questionnaire prepared by our partners in Fairfax Healthy Communities and given to the Board candidates can help you understand their stances on key challenges like active transportation, congestion, and climate change impacts. Explore their responses and discover where they stand here.

This year’s ballot also has pivotal state positions such as State Senator, House of Delegates member, and the commonwealth’s attorney. The outcome of critical bicycle-friendly initiatives in the next General Assembly session largely hinges on the elected individuals we send to Richmond. Our allies at the Virginia Bicycling Federation have compiled a bike-centric candidate questionnaire to guide you, available here.

To check your registration or register to vote, visit the Virginia Department of Elections’ Citizen Portal by the voter registration deadline on October 16. Need to find out who your elected district, county, and state officials are? Go to Fairfax County’s My Neighborhood site here.

Early Voting for the November 7 General Election will remain open until November 4. For comprehensive information on early voting procedures, venues, and candidates, check out the Fairfax County election website.

Irrespective of political leanings, this election presents a golden opportunity to advocate for a more bike-friendly Fairfax County. Embracing biking infrastructure provides more transportation options and the accompanying freedom of choice empowers individuals to choose the mode that suits them best. Additionally, cycling is inclusive transportation, and everyone can benefit from safer and more extensive biking infrastructure.

Your vote is your voice, and we encourage everyone to participate in shaping a thriving, equitable, and sustainable bicycle-friendly community for all.


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