Fairfax County’s and other local governments’ arrangements with the concessionaire for I-66 call for some of the tolls collected for travel inside the Beltway to fund public transit projects. Improving trail access to the Vienna Metro and growing BikeShare in Vienna and Fairfax City are among the projects under consideration for this funding.

$20 million has been dedicated to the effort. Local jurisdictions, however, submitted $32.8 million worth of projects. Competition will be tough and its possible that only a few projects will get the money. A public comment period is now open, and FABB encourages everyone to take the short survey and Speak Up! in support for one or more of the two bike-related projects above. Again, the competition will be stiff, so we really need to make our voices heard. Please pass this along to anyone you know who is interested in making bicycling better.

For more information on the funding, check out this Greater Greater Washington report.


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