The VDOT State Trails Office (STO) currently is seeking to engage with stakeholders and with the residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia as it conducts the planning process for future multi-use and dedicated trails.

The STO provides information on existing and future regional trail networks and collaborates with stakeholders on opportunities to improve statewide trail connectivity and accessibility. It also has the goal of ensuring equity and geographic diversity in the process of trail development and implementation.

As the planning process gets underway, the STO is asking trail users to take a short survey here:

The survey allows trails users to rate the importance of trail attributes and connectivity and availability issues. While the form does not seem to allow for individual comments, it provides an option to give contact information to engage with the STO.

FABB suggests that trail riders take advantage of this opportunity to Speak Up! for more multi-use and dedicated bicycle trail construction in the northern Virginia and nearby regions and to emphasize connectivity to other trails and destinations.



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