Fairfax County cyclists riding in the National Bike Challenge are holding on to fifth place among communities of a million or more residents. In June our riders logged 1,660 trips and 24,566 miles to bring the total for the challenge since May to 3,651 trips and 55,505 miles. Thanks to Fairfax County’s contribution, Virginia remains in a solid second place among states with eight to twelve million residents. Check out the full results here and here.

The National Bike Challenge runs through September and it’s not too late to join in. As we mentioned last month, the challenge is a helpful gauge of the strength of bicycling in our area. FABB would love to see more people riding as part of the challenge. We need approximately another 70 riders just to match last year’s participation. So, consider this a local challenge to join in, sign up your friends, and go out and ride.


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