• Every rider’s vote moves us closer to safer streets and better biking! Cast yours this Tuesday, November 7, for a bicycle-friendly Fairfax County!

Biking has benefits for basically everyone, regardless of political party. But, to ensure that biking is a significant part of our transportation future, we need to vote for those officials who will make that happen.

With so many demands on the county’s and commonwealth’s budgets, we need to elected officials to prioritize efficiency and smart resource allocation. We need to support candidates who understand that protected bike lanes help ease traffic congestion and reduce wear and tear on our roads, ultimately saving money and preserving infrastructure. Furthermore, we need leaders who understand that innovation in transportation shouldn’t just mean advanced technology vehicles but should include protected bike lanes and shared-use paths to create more accessible cities and suburban areas. Finally, we want officials who support the promotion of active and healthy lifestyles and know that bicycling reduces healthcare costs and improves public health in our communities.

Want to know where the candidates for the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors stand on transportation and other healthy community issues? Visit WABA’s Fairfax Healthy Community candidate questionnaire website.

You also can see candidates for the House of Delegates and State Senate stand on bicycling issues courtesy at the Virginia Bicycling Federation’s candidate questionnaire site.

Don’t know your registration status or polling place? Go to the Virginia Department of Elections Citizen Portal to find out.

Your vote can steer the path forward for cycling in northern Virginia. Let’s ride together towards a bike-friendly future. So, Get Out and Vote!


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