Fairfax Alliance for Better Bicycling

We are a group of concerned community members who want to make bicycling an integral part of the transportation network of Fairfax County. We volunteer so that residents and visitors of all ages have access to safe and convenient bicycle facilities. Since 2005, FABB volunteers have achieved a sterling reputation as an effective voice among Fairfax County transportation professionals, elected officials, community advocates and community leaders. With the expansion of bicycle facilities countywide, public awareness of FABB’s goals and efforts is expanding among residents at large and cyclists — as well as among members of the business community and homeowner associations, who are influential with local government.

Where are all of our older blog posts?

by Tom Wyland

October 6, 2017

We’ve updated our website! We have thousands of blog posts on Blogger that won’t make it over to the new site for a while. Please go to Blogger to find our old posts. Thanks for your support and patience!

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