Expand FABB's outreach throughout the County by growing both the number of active volunteers, overall supporters and work with other bicycling organizations.


Advocate, educate, and build public support for better bicycling throughout Fairfax County.


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Other Jurisdictions

Most other local jurisdictions have devoted resources to promoting bicycling as a form of transportation:

Arlington County has implemented most of these goals. David Goodman is the Bicycle Coordinator. Their bike plan is the Arlington County Bicycle Element (pdf)—of the Master Transportation Plan. The county publishes an excellent bike map. The most recent map was published in 2006. The county also has an extensive network of signed bike routes, including several miles of on-road bike lanes. “Bike Arlington is a County initiative with a goal of encouraging bicycling activity throughout the County for a healthy alternative to cars.”

The District of Columbia has a Bicycle Program, a bicycle program manager, a recently published bike map, and several miles of bike lanes and signed bike routes. Their DC Bicycle Master Planwas completed in 2005.

The City of Alexandria has a bicycle map and a number of on-road bike routes. Hillary Poole is the Complete Streets Coordinator. Their bike plan, the Alexandria Pedestrian & Bicycle Mobility Plan, was completed in 2008.

Montgomery County has a Bikeway Program, a Bikeway Coordinator, 95 miles of bike facilities, and an online bikeways map.